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Whether you prefer to drive a vehicle with a standard transmission or enjoy the simplicity of an automatic transmission, your transmission is one of the most important systems in your car. When it comes to transmission repair, Warwick drivers are more likely to recommend the team at J&S Auto Repair to their friends and neighbors.

Transmissions have come a long way and modern vehicles are equipped with high-quality, long-lasting transmissions. However, they are not maintenance-free and need to be serviced just like every other part of your car.

When it comes to caring for your transmission, the team of auto experts at J&S Auto Repair is here to service and repair your transmission. Our crew can accurately diagnose and repair transmission issues to get you back on the road.

Transmission Flush Warwick, RI

Just like your engine oil, your transmission fluid should be changed on a regular basis. Flushing a transmission extends its life and helps it maintain its integrity.

If you haven’t had your transmission flushed in a while, give J&S Auto Repair a call. With our convenient location and hours, there are no excuses to put it off any longer. We can even replace your filter with a new one which will save you money in the long run.

Transmission Diagnosis Near Me

Typically your transmission doesn’t just suddenly fail. Transmissions will usually present a host of symptoms and warning signs. These signs are often in the form of sounds or noises. Anytime you hear grinding or squeaking noises under the hood it is a good idea to bring it into our shop and let us check it out. We can diagnose the issue and recommend the appropriate repair.

Being able to accurately diagnose transmission and vehicle problems is one of the many things we pride ourselves on at J&S Auto Repair and it is the most important component of our transmission service.  With state-of-the-art equipment and a team made up of ASE certified expert technicians with years of experience you always know your transmission is in good hands.

Transmission Repair Warwick, RI

Transmissions are not only one of the most important parts of your vehicle, but they are also one of the most complicated. That’s why you should only trust the best auto repair experts with your transmission. That’s J&S Auto Repair Whether you need a simple transmission flush or you suspect you need a transmission repair, we have you covered.

At J&S Auto Repair we want every customer that walks in our door to be a lifelong customer. To us, that means service that includes honesty, integrity, and quality. To schedule your next service or repair call us today or come by and see us at 44 Roseland Avenue in Warwick.

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