Wheel Alignment

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When you are sitting behind the wheel of your car, you want to know that you are in complete and total control of the vehicle. One of the things that give you that control is proper wheel alignment. At J&S Auto Repair your safety is always our primary concern and that includes keeping your car is always appropriately aligned with expert wheel alignment in Warwick, RI.

Wheel alignment doesn’t just affect the safety of your vehicle it can also have an effect on your wallet. When your car is out of alignment it causes your tires to wear unevenly and can lead to you buying new tires before you are ready,

Wheel Alignment Warwick, RI

Just like anything else in your vehicle, catching an alignment issue early is the best way to avoid costly repairs. Luckily, your car will make it pretty obvious that you need an alignment. If you notice any of these signs, come to J&A Auto Repair Inc. so we can take a look and make the appropriate adjustments.

Uneven or Excessive Tire Wear

Tires have a lot riding on them and they wear over time.  Ideally, all four tires will wear at the same rate. If you notice that one tire is wearing out faster than the others, it could be due to your alignment putting more pressure on it than the others.

Pulling to the Left or Right

This is one of the easiest things to notice in terms of alignment. If your car tends to veer or pull left or right when you are driving straight, you have an alignment issue. At J&S Auto Repair, we want you to have optimal control of your car. Come by and we will correct your alignment and get you back on the road.

Steering Wheel Shaking

We often hear customers complain about their steering wheel vibrating or shimmying. Typically all it takes is an alignment to make it steady.

How Often Should You Get an Alignment?

At J&S Auto Repair we recommend getting your wheels aligned at least once a year. That changes based on the type of car you drive, the age of your vehicle, how often you drive, and your driving habits. Talk to one of our expert technicians at your next service appointment to get a recommendation that is right for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

At J&S Auto Repair we want every customer who walks through our door to become a lifelong customer. To us, that means offering modern auto repair with old-fashioned customer service. Call us today to schedule your next service or repair appointment.

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