Warning Signs from Brakes

Brakes are the primary way that you keep yourself safe on the road, so you should pay attention to your brakes and how they feel so you can keep them working in an optimal condition at all times. They are complicated and very important, so you should always have a professional work on them.

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Brake Light

There is a light on your dashboard that is designed to let you know when there is a problem with your brakes. Sometimes this light will turn on when it’s time to get your vehicle inspected or because your parking brake is on, so it doesn’t always mean that there is an issue. 

That said, it still means that you should have your brakes looked at because they keep you safe on the road. They need to be working optimally at all times. If there is a problem with your brakes, then you need to get it fixed immediately or risk harming yourself or others while on the road.

Strange Sounds When Braking

If you are hearing any kind of sounds when you are applying your brakes, there is probably an issue. Different sounds mean different things, so knowing what the sound is will help in diagnosing the problem when you take it to be looked at by a professional.

If you are hearing a metallic squealing sound, then that is an indicator that you need to replace your brake pads as they are so worn down that the steel wear indicator of your brake pads is contacting the rotor.

If the sound is more of a grinding sound, then it might be something as simple as having something caught in the caliper of your vehicle, or it could be another indicator that your brake pads need replacing as they are worn down too much.

Instability When Using Brakes

If you are experiencing an unintended movement of any kind when applying the brakes, then there is probably an issue. This could be anything from violent vibration to wobbling, but either way, it means your brakes need to be looked at because there might be something wrong with the rotor, which is often a very expensive problem to fix. In this case, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should take your car to be looked at by a professional if you notice strange movement when braking and see what they have to say about it.

Fluid Leak

A good sign that there is something wrong with your brakes is if you notice any leaking fluids. The braking system for most cars uses fluid to create pressure and cause your brake pads to come into contact with the rotors and thus slow your car down. If your brake system is leaking fluid, then you will notice that your brakes are less effective until eventually, they won’t work at all.

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